Mental Health & Mindset coach specialized in marketers, freelancers and busy professionals.


My name is Thomas. I am 23 years young and I live in Belgium. This is my story: 

Back in high school, I suffered from depression. I had zero motivation to go to school, hang out with friends or do anything at all. Those were my darkest days by far. Fastforward a few years and thankfully I managed to climb out of that dark place.

Considering my personal struggles with mental health, I wanted to make a change and have an inspiring impact on other people.

Throughout my own journey, I spend thousands of hours researching principles, reading books and applying the lessons they taught in practice.

It was by no means a straightforward journey, but I'm so glad I did it.

Because of my personal experience and in-depth research into mental health, happiness, meditation and mindfulness, I decided to start coaching others, mostly busy people, on how they can eliminate stress, anxiety, overthinking, procrastination, bad sleep... Out of their life and become the most productive, happiest, best versions of themselves.

Not only mindfulness and meditation, but also the business world is a great and growing interest of mine. I love the idea of building a successful business or impressive carreer from scratch, enduring and overcoming all the hurdles and challenges along the way. I have noticed, however, that business people tend to, just like me personally, possess an attitude of overdelivery. They want everything done in the best, most perfect way. This is a great quality to possess in said business world, but if we are not careful, sometimes we tend to bring that attitude home, and overindulge in it in our personal life. I noticed this within my own family and with some of my friends. That is why I like to focus my meditation coaching especially on busy entrepreneurs and corporate people who are great at what they do, but need a gentle reminder to experience all aspects of life, inwards as well as outwards, and to learn to get more in touch with their own body and mind. And that is where I come in.


Today I am a fully certified and officially accredited meditation, mindfulness and mindset coach, teacher and practitioner. I proudly received my meditation certification from the hands of Graham Nicholls, the founder of the Complementary Therapists Accredited Association (CTAA), as can be seen below.


In my personal life, I love to travel and discover different cultures around the world. I like integrating different perspectives into my own life to broaden my world view.

I have discovered my passion for helping people a while ago now. I personally underwent a MASSIVE, life changing transformation when it comes to my personal life and happiness, and today I love making the same results happen in other people's lives.


My expertise is found in both my theoretical and practical understanding of the meditation field, which contains some complex though fascinating subfields like confidence, awareness, body language and more.


I don’t find my university degree, which explored psychology, developmental psychology, collective psychology, sociology, and so on, to be my biggest advantage in coaching. No, quite frankly that is all just academics and theory.


My biggest strength is my own curiosity and experience with these matters. I transformed my own life completely over a decade ago now by learning about the fundamental principles of both meditation and happiness.


I spent over 2000+ hours learning these principles from the world's most renowned teachers and leaders in this field. I then applied their teachings and practices in my own life, with great succes.


My biggest strength is not theory but practice and experience.


I found my own personal transformation so inspiring that I wanted to give back to others.


And so here we are...


It is my mission to help busy people to find calmness and peace in their life, despite their chaotic schedules and often overwhelming day-to-day life.


I have clients who tell me that they were unhappy before they took on my coaching, and they finally found happiness after my coaching with them.


That is honestly all I want out of life: To help people in such a meaningful way while having fun and developing a genuine connection at the same time.


If any of this resonates with you personally on some level at all, why not jump on a free call with me or shoot me a quick message to tell me what I could potentially help you with?


You already mastered the business world, now let's master your mind.


Hope to meet you soon.



Thomas V