How a simple meditation habit can radically transform entrepreneurs for the better.

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At this point, most people have heard of meditation, and have some sort of idea of what it is and why you would practice it. I am here to tell you that those people are probably wrong. The mistake they make? They are massively underestimating the potential benefits of meditation.


You might have heard that meditation can relieve some stress and calm you down a bit when you feel overwhelmed, and while that is certainly true, it is not doing the art of meditation any justice. Saying that meditation reduces stress is like saying a car is useful because it protects you from the rain; While not untrue, these statements completely miss the biggest benefit of what they are talking about.


"Saying that meditation reduces stress is like saying a car is useful because it protects you from the rain."


So then, one might wonder what these great benefits to meditation are. While it is true that, in today’s world, stress plays a huge factor in the lack of mental and physical well-being of most people, it would be unwise to reduce the benefits of a proper meditation habit to just that.


In recent years, many scientific studies have been conducted on the benefits of meditation. Spoiler alert: It’s a really long list.


The endless benefits of meditation

One of the most promising ones for busy entrepreneurs is probably an increase in productivity of up to 30%, according to a study conducted by a group of researchers along Christopher I. Moore at the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. For many people, this may be difficult to believe or put into perspective, but just imagine your overall productivity being increased by 30% simply by taking some time out of each day to meditate.


Other benefits of meditation specifically for entrepreneurs include, but are certainly not limited to: Higher creativity levels, better sleep performance, longer attention span and an increase in IQ, meaning meditation makes you objectively smarter. Not bad for a habit that anyone can learn and practice.

Reverse aging thanks to meditation

But that is not all. In fact, this is only a tiny fraction of the many positive effects meditating can have on your mind and body. In a study published in the International Journal of Neuroscience, it has been revealed that meditation literally reverses the aging process. Yes, you read that correctly; Meditation makes you younger and smarter.


Just imagine if I gave you a potion or elixir which had those effects, I’m sure most of us would drink that. So then the question remains: Why aren’t we all meditating on a daily basis yet? I see multiple reasons for why that is the case.

"Meditation makes you younger and smarter."

Misconceptions about meditation

First, there still exist a lot of misconceptions about meditation and its benefits. Like stated before, many people have a very watered-down idea of how it can improve us. They believe meditation can help to decrease stress a bit, but wonder if it is really worth getting into for just this purpose. Maybe you are even one of these people questioning the usefulness of meditation. If so I would strongly encourage you to read on.


Meditation = waste of time? 

Another reason for these misconceptions within today’s society might be that entrepreneurs are predominantly secular people. They might be under the illusion that meditating is only for religious or spiritual people, or hold the mental image of a bald monk in orange robes sitting on a cliff somewhere in the Himalayan mountains meditating. How on earth would sitting down and doing nothing possibly benefit me, a busy entrepreneur who has a shortage of time already, right?


You can't be lazy

The third and simplest reason why we are not collectively getting into meditation nearly enough: People are really lazy. This results in some sort of catch-22: Meditation really helps to bring discipline into one’s life and can eliminate procrastination, but in order to start a successful meditation habit, you can’t be too lazy to at least give it a fair try.

How to start meditating consistently

The solution to this? Just doing it.


This sounds overly simplified but simply getting into the habit of meditating every day, even for just 4 minutes a day, can greatly improve your life in a lot of different ways, if only you can bring consistency to the table. The biggest issue I notice in my clients during my 3-month meditation program for entrepreneurs is not that they cannot figure out what to do, or that they don’t understand the types of meditation sessions I present them with. No, entrepreneurs are usually pretty creative and quick to figure out what to do. By far the biggest problem is a lack of consistency in their meditation habit.


Being consistent

The solution I use to counter this issue is to constantly keep my clients accountable, and to motivate them to keep going in numerous ways. The good thing is, the more they meditate consistently, the more willpower, focus and discipline they will built, and the easier it will become to sit down every day to rid themselves of mental clutter and inner chaos. Because after all, what most of us are truly after is inner peace and a stress-free life.


If you like this kind of content and would like to find out how I can help you live a stress-free life while increasing your productivity, all despite your busy schedule, then make sure to book a free call with me during which we will work together to look at your personal situation. I will also provide you with some valuable tips to jump-start your own journey into becoming a meditating entrepreneur, or improve your current meditation habit considerably. I hope you found this a valuable read. Feel free to rate this blogpost below and leave a comment!


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Thomas V is the founder and executive coach of Thomas V coaching and has been meditating practically his whole life, although he only got serious around the age of 16. He is a fully certified meditation coach and practitioner. He is now on a mission to get as many people, mainly busy entrepreneurs, to meditate too, and enjoy the endless benefits it provides for body, mind and soul. By applying a science-based approach to meditation, Thomas can ensure amazing results for his clients, time and time again. If you would also like to enjoy the benefits of a well thought-out, science-based meditation habit, feel free to schedule a free video call here.

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Sarah D.
a year ago

Nice read! I finally scheduled my call for next week. I love what I do, but sometimes I just really want to shut off my mind and thoughts for just a few minutes a day lol. Looking forward to the call.

Thomas V
a year ago

Thank you, Sarah! You will discover on the call with me that even a few minutes per day is not enough. The goal is to be in a state of relaxation throughout most of your waking hours! Looking forward to the call to see how we can accomplish this for you. :)