Expect these negative side effects when meditating

Chances are that, if you have been practicing meditation for at least a few weeks, some weird and seemingly negative side effects erupted. Those side effects, while possibly unpleasant in the moment, are actually a good thing! How so? Let's explore...

Some people go on a regular juice cleanse or juice detox to clear their body of toxins and other wasteful materials in their system. I don't know if you have ever done one of those detoxes, but someone doing this for the first time might be unpleasantly surprised at how difficult it can be. Your whole bodily system gets a shock and has to adjust to your only intake being juice for the next 24 hours or however long you decide to detox for. In the end, however, it's always worth it because now you have removed the negativity from your body and you undoubtedly feel a lot better.

This is the perfect analogy for what happens when you start to meditate on a regular basis, you are also shocking yourself with a positive activity, yet your body and mind need time to adjust to this sudden positive change. So what might happen? Small emotional outbutsts in the form of anger or sadness might overcome you. You might feel agitated at times or feel like you want to be alone or the exact opposite, you could feel overwhelmed when you are left alone with your thoughts and want to be distracted by other people or activities. You might feel slightly nauseous when during or right after your meditation session. You might get minor headaches or feel on edge for a while.

At first glance, to a beginner meditator, this might seem worrying. In fact, I have heard too many stories about people experiencing these unpleasant side effects and deciding to quit meditation all together because of them, because they believed that it wasn't working at all or even negatively impacting them overall, or they felt as thought they were doing something wrong. What a shame! The truth is, these things happening to you is the best possible sign! It means that meditation is working for you. It means that your body and mind, much like in our juice cleanse analogy, are getting detoxed and purified of all the years of stress and tension being put on them. As a beginner meditator, it is so crucial to understand that this is a step that you might go through so you are aware of what's going on and know what's happening to you is actually a good thing, even though it might not seem like that at first. Don't be discouraged, however, if none of these side effects happen for you after you have been meditating for a while, it could simply mean that you are one of those rare few people who don't experience them or where they are of so little impact that you barely even notice them. If you want to make sure you are making progress and you aren't seeing any of these side effects happen for you, or you are not sure how to deal with them, then why don't you jump on a free call with me for a few minutes during which we will take a quick look at your situation and see what we could improve for you to skyrocket your gains!

Thomas V

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Thomas V is the founder and executive coach of Thomas V coaching and has been meditating practically his whole life. He is a fully certified meditation coach and practitioner. He is now on a mission to get as many people, mainly busy entrepreneurs, to meditate too, and enjoy the endless benefits it provides for body, mind and soul. By applying a science-based approach to meditation, Thomas can ensure amazing results for his clients, time and time again. If you would also like to enjoy the benefits of a well thought-out, science-based meditation habit, feel free to schedule a free video call here.


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