The NUMBER ONE problem entrepreneurs have with meditation and how to fix it

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People in general, but especially entrepreneurs just LOVE to be busy. This is no doubt one of the reasons why they love busi-ness, and are usually really good at it. Running a business or being successful requires hard work, and hard work requires you to be busy. No hard work equals no success in the business world.


It's slightly different when it comes to meditation and inner success. In this world, doing literally nothing equals the most success. Yet you probably have a hard time convincing yourself of that. Let's discover why that is.


"Doing nothing equals the most success."


I am not exaggerating when I tell you that the number one reason why my entrepreneurial-minded clients can't get to meditate consistently is because on some level they still perceive it to be a waste of time. This really gets to me more than it should, because I understand why beginners would think like that, it's one of the biggest traps they fall into, and I want you to avoid it at all cost. I also want to debunk some misconceptions about meditation right now.


Meditation is not "doing nothing"

I know, I know. I just said that doing nothing is what makes a great meditator and in turn a happy person. But it's important to make a distinction here: The distinction between doing nothing physically and doing nothing internally.


Meditation is all about the inner workings of your mind. It's about uncovering the workings of your mind and upgrading your own operating system, if you will. It is uncovering all your hidden agenda's, emotions and trauma. This can only be done by turning inwards and gaining a deep and profound understanding of how you think, feel, react and experience (to) the world. All of this is done without moving a muscle physically.


Think about it: We call it meditation because that's what you're doing! You are not "doing nothing." Even when you are doing a "doing-nothing-meditation" then that is what you are doing.


This sounds like I'm just playing with words, but there is obviously a great distinction between actually wasting time and meditating.


Think back to when you were in school. You probably spent a good amount of hours doing nothing in particular when you were bored in class, just staring out of the window or daydreaming. Yet that didn't come with the amazing benefits that meditation brings you, unfortunately. The truth is very much the opposite of this misconception: Meditation is a very distinct, deliberate activity to train yourself to become more at peace with the world and happier.

Meditation is not a waste of time

I understand that your life probably revolves around tangible results in the workplace. Getting more clients, putting in more hours, making more money, selling more products... You might feel as though taking time out of your no-doubt already jam packed day is only going to lead to less results and success. But the counterintuitive truth to the matter is that, by sitting down to meditate, you will actually end up more successful.


Why? Because you will simply be a way more productive, efficient, creative, happier and motivated person! Think about it: You are where you are right now because of your qualities, skills and mentality in business or in your particular job, so wouldn't it make sense that, by learning a skill which enhances all of those qualities, -meditation- you will become even better at what you do? If you look at it from this angle, all of a sudden it makes sense to dedicate a small portion of your day towards becoming that better version of yourself through meditation.


Another benefit that comes with meditation specifically for busy entrepreneurs is that you are way, way less likely to get burned out at work. This is such a specific and powerful benefit for us busy people that I actually dedicated a seperate blog article to this phenomena.


"by sitting down to meditate, you will end up more successful."

All I can do through blog posts is try to convince you of the amazing benefits of meditation through words and text, but if you would experience first-hand the true power of meditation you would realize in an instant how silly it is to doubt the effectiveness of meditating daily. If you want to see your doubts completely shattered and become this best, stress-free version of yourself today, then I would highly recommend taking action now and jumping on a quick, 15 minute call with me during which I will offer you a personal solution for achieving the great life you deserve. This call is completely without obligation and free of cost. Also, feel free to rate this blogpost below and leave a comment. Speak soon! 


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Thomas V online meditation coaching for entrepreneurs and business people

Thomas V is the founder and executive coach of Thomas V coaching and has been meditating practically his whole life, although he only got serious around the age of 16. He is a fully certified meditation coach and practitioner. He is now on a mission to get as many people, mainly busy entrepreneurs, to meditate too, and enjoy the endless benefits it provides for body, mind and soul. By applying a science-based approach to meditation, Thomas can ensure amazing results for his clients, time and time again. If you would also like to enjoy the benefits of a well thought-out, science-based meditation habit, feel free to schedule a free video call here.


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Joshua Higgins
a year ago

This was HUGE for me. For the longest time I felt this subconscious guilt for just sitting down and calming my mind. In hindsight this was so silly! It's definitely true what you said about having to experience first-hand the benefits of meditating daily. Just reading about it probably won't convince many people, so if you're reading this, don't be lazy and start your daily sessions already lol.

Thomas V
a year ago

It is one of the biggest traps for pragmatically minded people, Josh. I'm really glad you can see past this now!